My Sell Photos for Help

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My Sell Photos for Help

Post by galaxyavenue on Mon 24 May 2010, 18:24

Hello Friends!
Participate in a charity sale of my photos.
The collected funds will be available to treat my friend.
Skype: galaxyavenue
Full details:
I am writing you with a request for help for a very good classmate and friend of mine, who needs emergent medical aid. Please, read the material below and resend it to your colleagues and friends, who can help. Thank you for your attention and cooperation in advance! We appreciate your help for saving a human life! ANDREI NEEDS URGENT MEDICAL AID He is a close friend of the team of gladiators Offroad technology and for that we publish this call for help. We hope that our many friends and colleagues show humanity and care, and help us in this difficult moment as possible. Cry for help from FAMILY and FRIENDS Our close friend Andrei is suffering from Acute Myeloid Leukemia APL-t (15;17). This terrible diagnosis was made four years ago. Since then, Andrei went through a variety of monthly chemotherapy treatments. The treatment was carried out in Bulgaria - in UMBAL "St. Georgi"- Plovdiv in the Department of Haematology and Oncology by Associate Grudeva. During the whole time Andrei was also consulted in Sofia by Associate Mihailov and there was just pursuing such developments, the number of cancer cells in bone marrow. They became less and shrunk almost to zero together, but unfortunately there was a recurrence after. Associate Grudeva proposed as a solution an allogeneic transplantation, but finding a donor is almost impossible. The only alternative option is an expensive and serious treatment in Turkey - Anadolu Medical Center by Prof. Gülbash. The hospital is a branch of the American John Hopkins and currently has probably the most advanced oncology and haematology clinic in Europe. The medicine that Prof. Gülbash offers is arsenic trioxide (Trisenox) and is not imported to Bulgaria. We were always next to Andrei in the past four years, hospitalized at this time have helped some friends with small sums of money. We believed that we would be rightly so, without calling for help, but we have no more time, the necessary funds in the necessary time to collect. Now it is urgent! The infusions started on 04/26/2010 at Anadolu Medical Center, because the doctors in Bulgaria have developed any experience with this drug, but it can not wait, because the disease is quickly without the necessary treatment. There are two months have passed without the medical help for lack of sufficient funds! Today we need your help because we can not cope alone. You have probably become a burden of "cries for help," but we really have no time. If you can put aside funds for Andrei, I ask you to make this the current account that we opened! Andrei is already in the hospital and has minimal funds to cover only the two-week treatment and stay of the mandatory two months.The required amount is 40,000 €. Please help, with what you can! There is a donation in the name of Andrei opened, which is entirely controlled by the bank. The collected funds can be used only cash and effectively after submission of the documentation required for the operation carried out by the clinic! Bank account in BGNAndrey Filipov SuraevProCredit Bank (Bulgaria)BAE: PRCB9230SWIFT BIC: PRCBBGSFBGN IBAN: BG80 PRCB 92,301,033,147,215 Thank you from all of our hearts! Philip, Lilia and Fani Suraevi - father, mother and sister and Alexander and Liubina Kovachevi and friends from the team of Gladiator Off-road Technology!/group.php?gid=121103601235553

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